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Čao Pičke are formed in 1981, from former members of punk and wave band Ljubljana 78 and Orkester Titanik.  As anecdote says, they get name when they enroll their  repertoire for some concert which is organized in front of parliament by three female organizers. On application they write a greeting: »Čao, Pičke« (Hello Pussies), which organizers understand as the name of the band.

The core of the band at first are drummer Jani Sever and bass player Ljubo Kopač – Kope. Vocals are engaged by Alenka Marsenič – Marsa but shortly also Iztok Vidmar joins them on a guitar, which he replaces for bass soon after. Quartet with unusual form – two bass guitars, drums and vocal - and short, striking songs becomes attraction of Ljubljana's alternative scene.

Songs are a minute or two long. The shortest lasts only nineteen seconds, the longest is not much longer than three minutes. In this way, their concerts are charged with energy and condensed. They finish their repertoire in scant fifteen minutes. Iztok Vidmar later recalls: »We told, what we had to say, and then it was the end of the song.«

Their concert chronology is similar to chronologies of »O!Kult« , »Via Ofenziva« and »Otroci Socializma« and is spaning from concert at the end of the season in »Disko FV«, on June, 29th, 1982 until autumn 1983. Among bigger manifestations  at which Čao Pičke appeared this year, October's solidarity concert for Palestinian people »Rock against Israel« in Kranj,  have to be mentioned. During the winter they perform in Šentvid's »Dom svobode« and »Disko FV«, which is also a permanent between Ljubljana's concert places at that time. In autumn 1983 they appear at »Novi rock« festival, which is then main goal of every active band.

Sever's lyrics of songs »Čao pičke«, »B« and »Si prepričan« are published in Punk Problemi. »I'm fucked up/ what are you doing I don't know/I like your smell/ I love your smile, you-me/ fuck it, you never know who,« sings Marsa. Live recordings from Disko Študent, recorded on chromdioxide tape, are published on b-side of the casette, which is split with »Via Ofenziva«(Galerija ŠKUC, February 1983). Kasette is accompanied by Publication »Galerija ŠKUC izdaja, number 15/a. For compilation record 84-48 (ZKP RTV Ljubljana 1984), they contribute songs »B« and »Kaj naj ti rečem«, which were recorded in Studio Metro.

After break up of Čao Pičke Marsa is active in first Slovenian female hardcore band »To�ibabe«, Iztok is settled after short time in »Lolita« and Jani sets sail to journalistic waters.

Polona Pober�nik

490 pressed (250 black/150 blue and 90 yellow) 300 of these included CD. 

All song are remastered! Awesome sound!


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