: nothing at of


This is well played and wonderful Croatian punk pop in the best spirit of the Ramones with the local Pula sound that you can easily recognize. "Besposličari" could play, create melodies and choruses that goes straight into you through the ear and soon out again through your mouth.

Sure, there were bands from ex-Yu who tried to sound like the Ramones, but besides KUD Idijoti (also from Pula), it never sounded as unpolished as this. So maybe I should not wonder how this material wasn't released in 1984, '85, '86... Maybe this is for the best, because right now I'm enjoying listening to this unpolished gem and perhaps there is some delight in this: wondering how it would've sounded.

Big thanks to Romeo for great work and collaboration

495 pressed (350 black / 145 blue). 300 of these include CD in stylish sleeve and innersleeve that even the really complements the real Ramones spirit that pervades this entire work. 

All songs are remastered!! 

Hey-ho! Je'n-dva-tri-čet'ri!



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