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92 - CENZURA 7'' (NE027)

       92 - CENSORSHIP 7'' (NE027) 


This is extraordinary edition with two songs that was created in 1978 but never saw light of day until now. 

It’s great that the 92 have decided to do it and thus save for us some of the their "forgotten" songs. 

I never was skeptical but I must admit was suprised how good the 92 sounds today. It does not sound that has been so many years when you hear the songs. 

The ultimate would be to the song "Cenzura" was released back  then were song's chorus could blow out and upset with his clear, contemporary critique. But these songs are so good that the music and the lyrics still feels very fresh and where everything works.

Actually it feels fantastic like being back in the late 70's. Great job!

I hope that the 92 has more to surprises. I have to thank the guys from 92 for having found time to restore the old passion and joy again and share it with us.

Also want to mention the guys from the aBOX studio that sonically made more than 35 years feel like just a short break.

490 pressed (100 black/ 100 red/ 90 clear and 200 picture disc)


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